Switching blogs

•March 23, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Hello followers!

So I will be switching over to another blog that I created through wordpress. I’m leaving this one up for now until I get all my work transferred over to the new one. But any new work I do will go straight here: https://longprewrites.wordpress.com/.

Thanks to all of you for following me!

Puzzle Piece Princess

•December 30, 2014 • Leave a Comment

I am nothing to be curious about.

I am in few pieces to put together,

and I paint a picture of several cliques

that I hope will bring hope into my life like sun-shiny weather.

I am nothing to analyze over.

I emerge from a storybook in a beaded, purple gown.

Long, braided hair weaves together a tale that I have grown

accustomed to telling; a false image I present, despite how I feel deep down.

I am nothing interesting.

You want more, but I am static.

I am too far down in being the optimistic, straight-A girl

to delve into a true sense of self that stretches beyond a number or letter.

Don’t figure me out, because then you’ll see that I am not a dark, mysterious soul

with a tragic, wild story to tell. I am just a pretty, preppy, princess waiting for things that aren’t real.

My puzzle is simple; a perfect image of what’s expected,

And when you put the pieces together,

That’s all you’ll ever see.

A Published Poem

•April 10, 2014 • Leave a Comment

I had this poem recently published in an anthology. I would be honored for some constructive criticism.






A desolate space of wordless heart,

damned in meaning from the very start.

A voice depleted of elation.

A marriage without consummation.

Until I break from pattern.

I birthed a universe through the bottom of my bed and beneath the whites of my eyes.

I magically made a sky of emerald clouds and the grass a sapphire hue.

I concocted a device that uprooted purple pandas from rainbows that smiled;

they sang with soaring wizards with wands of kissable candy cane riddles on their lips.

Then a gust of sin blew away

the light.

Darkness swiped its cape over the land.

No fear, I vanquished its illusion, because I was king.

I gathered wool in a place where rivers ran of honey and trees melted to dust;

where all the scents were that of color;

where the world loves all around.

A world of beauty, that lies in continuity.