My first story!

       I decided to post the story I’m working on afterall. I still have poetry ideas left in my head my(and working on jadewriter’s idea for my virgin poem) but I’m putting them aside for the time being. So this story takes place in the south; so the diction is going to sound different because of that. Therefore, certain errors are suppose to be there to give it an authentic southern feel. Time period is about the 1950s. No title yet, so the titles are just going to be the chapters. I understand a few people have had issues trying to find my works so I’ll let you know where to find my story now so there’s no confusion. To the very right of this homepage there should be different pages listed: Poetry, then underneath it my poems that I’ve posted so far in alphabetical order. Then beneath that there should be the word “stories”, beneath that it’ll say “Chapter 1” that’s the first chapter of my story. I’ll try to post every few days the best I can. Depending on how many people comment and how many people are interested in seeing this story continue depends on if I’ll post the next chapter or not. If there’s any questions by all means ask. I hope you enjoy, and I sincerely appreciate any comments. All criticism constructive please!

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~ by poetofmidnight on September 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “My first story!”

  1. Poet of Midnight, I can’t find your story! Where is it? How do I access it?

  2. It should be in the bar to the right of the homepage where my poetry is. Look to the bottom of it under “stories” the title of the first chapter of my story is “Chapter 1”.

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