Words, Stories, and Poems….

I apologise for it being so long since my last update. I haven’t had a chance to get on my dashboard, but I have quite a bit to update today. First, I’ve hadn’t Chapter 2 to my untitled story. I’ve only received one comment but I’ve decided for that one person I’ll write more for them. Second, I’ve added another poem, a rather sad brief poem called “Elegy to My Love.” Lastly, I took Jadewriters advice and wrote an actually Eulogy to Virgins only I’ve titled it “Eulogy to Chastity White.” The character is a woman but again I emphasize that premarital sex should apply to both genders not just women. Again, I’ll be slow at posting new stuff but I will continue to post when I can. Please bare with me. Read and enjoy!

Copyright to: lfamily@surfglobal.net /poetofmidnight

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~ by poetofmidnight on September 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Words, Stories, and Poems….”

  1. I needed to pop back and having re-read some of your work it is still beautiful and I found even more there than I found before, thank you .

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