Let us love life.

Has anyone been feeling down lately? Perhaps, if you’re still going to school, you see someone get a higher test grade than you did even though you studied really hard; even harder than that person did. Or if you’re working at a job and an employee who has  been working only half as long as you have get a promotion. Is that fair? No, but its life. We shouldn’t wallow in self-pity because things didn’t go our way. Often times an injustice in our life is made up somehow. For example, you didn’t do to great on that test, but then you go to your next class  and find out that that three page English paper that you spent many nights on recieved the highest score in the entire class. Life has ways of working itself out. So don’t resent the people who do better than you but share in their glory of sucess. Because you know that your turn in the spotlight is just around the corner. So if you’re in despair about something, don’t be. Today might be aweful, but tomarrow’s a new day. Don’t lose hope, life’s too short to do that. It may be hard to congradulate that person (trust me I do understand) but it’ll make you a good person inside. So to illistrate the shortness of life I’ve written a haiku entitled, “Life Passes Us By”. Also, I’ll try to post Chapter 4 of my story soon. I promise I’ll post at least once a week. Please be patient. Live life. Love life. Love yourself.

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~ by poetofmidnight on September 24, 2011.

11 Responses to “Let us love life.”

  1. Once again your words have reached out to me in a generous and timely manner!

  2. I’ve been away so long, I’ve missed so much of your blog; I didn’t know you had started posting your chapters yet. Can’t wait to read ^_^

  3. I fight valiantly against resentment every day lately. The challenge of existing is ever present in my life currently. I have never appreciated, or despised, life as much as I do now. Thank you for your words

  4. Such a pretty mind image! Great words!

  5. Hello your blog is an inspiration and thought provoking . in this twisted blogosphere. your endless talent for working and shaping words in to creations of beauty is profound. therefore I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. 🙂
    Be well, be happy and Power to your pen. xx

  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments on a recent post of mine. As a newly-returned blogger (hoping it sticks this time!) it’s encouragement from other writers that makes the effort so worthwhile 🙂 Loved the tenderness of your last haiku, so much conveyed by freezing a small moment of time. Looking forward to reading more.

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