Songs of the heart.

Did you know that songs are a form of poetry? I knew that at one point but it never stuck with me until recently. Singers are poets. They recite poetry in forms of pitches and beats to convey a message. So, I decided to write a song myself. This isn’t the first song I’ve written, but it’s the only one I feel that is worthy to be seen by the public. I’ve given it the title “If I were her”. Perhaps, I’ll write music for it someday, but for now it’s only lyrics. I imagined the song to be in the slow, contemporary broadway style. I pictured a girl on stage with a single spot light on her, and as the song comes to it’s climax she has tears in her eyes as she whispers the final words. It’s a sad song but I feel that it has much passion in it. Hopefully, it sparks some sort of beauty.

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~ by poetofmidnight on October 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Songs of the heart.”

  1. So true! Music was really the thing that drove me toward poetry. I once thought of poets as almost obsolete, using antiquated words and repetitions….then I sat around and read the liner notes of a few of my favorite albums and realized they were doing the same things with song lyrics. Once I made the connection and actually investigated poetry, I was in love 🙂

  2. songs are sometimes such great poetry. Machaut was a great composer and poet and often we see examples of individuals that do both so well. I love the lyrics of so many songs of the “great American songbook” including those songs by Frank Loesser, Cole Porter and Lorenz Hart just to name a few of many. Was listening to Genesis today and Peter Gabriel’s great lyrics on Selling England By the Pound. Certainly the music adds an extra dimension to the poetry and so some of it can’t stand without the music — but then again, it’s not supposed to.

  3. It’s true, songs have always been poetry and vise-versa…Your song is a good one, though sad it’s very poignant…And the title of this post, “Songs of the Heart” has touched my heart today more than you can know, as it was posted on the very day that my life-long best friend, long time sweetheart and new husband (all the same person) passed away as i did my best to comfort him…

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