Looking at past stories.


 I wrote a short story about a year ago and looking through it I’ve decided to post a chapter a week. It’s a bit of a horror story about a honeymoon that’s made a turn for the worst. Now the order of this story is a little odd; a person gave me the idea to write each chapter of the story on a note card and then scramble the notecards and present that story in the new order. So please comment on what you think and I’ll try to post about once a week. Here’s chapter one of my story entitled “Til Death Do Us Part”.


Ch. 1: Lightning


            A violent storm decided to burden the forests of the Olympic Peninsula. It was

nighttime; however there was no chance of sleep for any of the creatures living in a three

mile radius of that area. The ground was drenched with its grass pulling itself from its roots

leaving a pool of mud. A desolate black road stretched across the Peninsula . However, in

the distance, a navy blue pick-up truck approaches. Inside, Eliot Lewis is driving his new

bride Rachel to a rented log cabin for their honeymoon. They’re young and in love like

any pair of newlyweds. Tonight, though, the storm will test them. There will be

permanent changes.

            “I still can’t believe we did it,” Rachel said. She peered at him shyly through her

thick eyelashes. Rachel had a kind face with large, naïve brown eyes. Sometimes, though,

they flashed strangely. Eliot smiled watching the road and said.

            “Neither can I.” Eliot wasn’t as innocent as Rachel, but he left his wild days

behind in pursuit of true fulfillment.

            “How much further is the drive?” She asked.

            “About twenty minutes, it shouldn’t be long,” he answered. The rain began to

pour down thicker; bouncing off the truck like pebbles. Rachel jumped in her seat at the

sound. At that moment the car started shaking.

            “What’s happening?” Rachel yelled over the screeching of the tires. In a panic,

Eliot swerved the car. He hit the brakes, but the car went sliding into a ditch. The truck

goes in front first, damaging the headlights and causing several hairline cracks in the wind

shield.  Eliot turns off the car and turns to his wife.

            “Are you alright?” Rachel’s eyes were wide with fear.

            “Yes. I’m alright.” Eliot reached under his seat for the emergency kit. “What

should we do?” Rachel asked.

            “Well,” Eliot pulled out his cell phone; no signal. “We’re going to have to walk

the rest of the way. In the morning we’ll call a tow truck to get this thing out of the

ditch.” Rachel stared glumly out the window.

            “It’s cold outside,” she said. Eliot took her hand and kissed it.

            “I’ll keep you warm.” Rachel smiled and nodded her head.

            “Okay.” They grabbed their coats and the emergency kit. Eliot suggested leaving

the luggage because it would be too heavy to carry such a long distance. Despite their

determination there was still anxiety. The storm raged on and lightning flashed on their

frightened faces.

Copyright to: lfamily@surfglobal.net /poetofmidnight

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~ by poetofmidnight on December 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Looking at past stories.”

  1. Ooooh, looks like a good start 🙂 Nicely done! peace, love, joy and happy new year, Terri

  2. I’m intrigued!

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