Words for Thought.

The human mind is still a mystery to the scientific world; we dare to examine it in the imagative world.


What is this mind?

What is this mind

that sits three pounds on my neck;

that pumps electrical surges of memory

to the ends of my fingertips?


What is this mind

that divides the left and the right side;

the logical and the imaginative;

into separate domains?


What is this mind

that speaks to me that

whispers in my ear what

to tell you what

I’m thinking?


What is this mind

that tastes wit to my tongue

but feeds my heart wisdom

that perhaps makes my heart forget to

think for itself?


What is this mind

that makes me want to

reason why you could

ever love me;

by going through an algerbraic equation

of symbols that I cannot decode

because love is not easy to understand?


What if….

The mind connected the Creative and Mathematical;

The Love and the Logical?

What if the mind built a bridge out of reason?

A reason to bring to two unlike forces;

the Black and the White;

the Ying and the Yang;

the Fire and the Ice;

Would combine to create…..


Copyright to: lfamily@surfglobal.net /poetofmidnight

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~ by poetofmidnight on August 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Words for Thought.”

  1. They are the same. I practice both, they are equally mystical.

  2. No doubt they are mystical; thanks for visiting my blog.

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