Puzzle Piece Princess

I am nothing to be curious about.

I am in few pieces to put together,

and I paint a picture of several cliques

that I hope will bring hope into my life like sun-shiny weather.

I am nothing to analyze over.

I emerge from a storybook in a beaded, purple gown.

Long, braided hair weaves together a tale that I have grown

accustomed to telling; a false image I present, despite how I feel deep down.

I am nothing interesting.

You want more, but I am static.

I am too far down in being the optimistic, straight-A girl

to delve into a true sense of self that stretches beyond a number or letter.

Don’t figure me out, because then you’ll see that I am not a dark, mysterious soul

with a tragic, wild story to tell. I am just a pretty, preppy, princess waiting for things that aren’t real.

My puzzle is simple; a perfect image of what’s expected,

And when you put the pieces together,

That’s all you’ll ever see.


~ by poetofmidnight on December 30, 2014.

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