Chapter 3

                                                           Chapter 3

            I stood staring down at Matthew who looked as if I had said “yes” to him marrying me. My eyes could’ve shot down at him like bullets out of a revolver. I bit my tongue so that I wouldn’t swear at him. I’m still a decent lady after all. So I did what most women would do and stormed out without giving him an answer. My next thoughts focused on Mama; her dirty scheme did arouse the devil in me. Then I felt stupid and shameful for not recognizing her plan to begin with. I spotted Mama by the bar talking with Mr. Walker; flirting with him even though he was a married man.

            “Mama, I want to go home,” I said. She glared at me for interrupting her conversation with Mr. Walker. I glared straight back at her.

            “Why would you want to do that Virginia?” she said smiling. A smile as fake as Mr. Walker himself.

            “Matthew just asked me to marry him,” When I said this both of them were just happy as clams.

            “Welcome to the family my dear,” Mr. Walker attempted to put his arms around me but I stepped back.

            “I didn’t say yes,” I said. “I don’t like being schemed against and I certainly don’t want to be called “Mrs. Virginia Walker!” I made like a lady and stormed out again. I didn’t like walking home in the dark alone but I certainly don’t want to walk with Mama who was planning out who I marry behind my back.

            I tried to breath in and out. The sparkling diamonds in the sky that people called stars were soothing to watch. Then I thought of the diamond on the ring that Matthew proposed to me with and I looked down at my feet. Suddenly, I had the strange feeling I was being watched. I stopped and turned around. No one there. I kept walking picking up the pace as I went along. Then there were footsteps echoing my own. I spun myself around and saw a shadow standing about ten feet behind me. A very tall and lanky shadow; the shadow of a man.

            “Who’s there?” I asked, watching my breath come out in white puffs of smoke. The shadow walked closer to me. “What do you want?”

            “You shouldn’t be out here alone.” the shadow said.

            “Stay back!” I shouted. He approached me slowly and the moonlight hit the whites of his eyes. Darling blue eyes like fire.

            “Is that any way to say “hi” to me, Virginia?” he said.

            “Johnny!” I shouted once figuring out he was the shadow man. I hugged myself around him nuzzling his shoulder to warm up my cold nose. Then I pushed myself away from him with the feeling of anger heating up in me.

            “Why didn’t you tell me it was you? I thought you was some stranger!” Johnny laughed.

            “I thought you would’ve recognized my voice by now.” he said.

            “It’s not your voice I know you by,” I said, glancing through my lashes at his eyes. “Could you walk me home Johnny?”

            “I would love nothing more Virginia.” Johnny smiled and held out his elbow to me. I took it gladly with a fluttery feeling in my belly.

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6 Responses to “Chapter 3”

  1. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Virginia’s response…I like your poetic narrative style.

  2. Bullets out of a revolver… Good, creative, and true. In a way. Good one.

  3. I found the story excellent, obviously, or else I wouldn’t have read it to the end. There are a few minor errors in it, but I like the story and the way in which it is told.

    You have a good balance of dialog and reflection. You should write more, you’ve got spunk.

    Such as:

    “Why didn’t you tell me it was you? I thought you was some stranger!” Johnny laughed.

    “I thought you would’ve recognized my voice by now.” he said.

    Johnny laughed would go on his own text line. Having actions of another character on someone else’s line of text makes you think that they are the ones saying it. Confusing.

    • It has been quite some time since I worked on this story. I am delighted that you liked it and for the feedback. I have not been keeping up on my blog as much as I would like but I am trying to get back into it again.

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