Chapter 2

Chapter 2       

            The wind bit down with sharp teeth at the back of my neck; I rubbed it but the sensation was still there. The evening was dying down to night and already I was getting the chills. I suppose the weather was just a part of it; Mama and I were already coming close to the country club and she still hasn’t told me why we were going. They had loads of money. So much money that a person could just breath and die with all those toxic fumes of greed floating about in the air. I didn’t want any of that in my home and neither did Mama. Still, money got a person somewhere and we did need it. At least that’s the only reason I could think of for the reason why Mama wants to go see the Walkers.

            “Mama, how did we get invited to this party in the first place?” I asked. Mama took her hand and weaved it through her hair as if it were a brush. She usually did that when she was going to lie to me or when she was trying to avoid lying by avoiding the question.

            “Oh, I just was talking the Mr. Walker the other day.” she said.

            “What about?”

            “Nothing that you need to worry about,” Mama lied. “just business between him and me. Now I want you to look and act extra pretty for his family. Make sure you talk to Mr.Walker and his son Matthew.”

            “Why Mama?” I asked again. We were coming up to the country club now and it was huge. I was blinded by how white it was; white doors, white paint, just plain white.

            “Be quiet! Don’t ask any more questions. People don’t like to hear a woman whine.” Mama would hear no more on the subject. I sighed loudly, though, just to let her know I wasn’t happy.

            When we entered the country club I had to admit I was dazzled by what I saw. The floor was so beautiful with glistening tiles; a floor that was just for people who wanted to dance! I had never seen anything like it before. Then I saw a bar off to the side; where a couple of men were getting drunk. Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off that dance floor. It was so gorgeous and clean I could lay down on it and I would be cleaner than I was before I even laid down on it! I wanted to admire it more but unfortunately Mr. Walker saw Mama and I and came up to give us a welcoming.

            “It’s great to see that you both could be here.” Mr. Walker said. He took my mothers hand and kissed it. She giggled and it made me sick to watch. Mr. Walker was a well educated man so he had a way with his speaking that was pleasant to listen to. Also he had only lived here for about five years so neither him or any of his family talked the way most folks talked around here. But he was a pig. Besides his money, he used his nice face and charm to manipulate people.

            “Thank you,” Mama gushed. “we’re just so happy to be here.” Mama then gave me the devil’s eye and I did best to act friendly toward him.

            “So happy to be here, Mr. Walker,” I grinned at him, feeling stupid.

            “Well, I’m not surprised,” he said. “This is the finest country club for football in the whole state of South Carolina. My son Matthew is one of the top football players here you know.”

            “I had no idea,” Mama faked her shock. “isn’t that interesting Virginia?”

            “Very interesting,” I said. “Perhaps I could go find him, I’d love to meet him.” I said this in hopes that I could just slip away and hide out for the rest of the party. To my dismay that wasn’t going to happen.

            “I could not agree more,” Mr. Walker said. “Follow me I will take you to him.” I followed behind him feeling like I had an invisible leash tied around my neck forcing me along. Mama said she’d talk to me later and left me to fend for myself against the Walkers.

            I didn’t remember much about Mr. Walker’s son Matthew. I hadn’t actually seen him in person for quite a few years. He was as good looking as Mr. Walker and just as arrogant. I suppose I could play along for just one night and hope that it would end as soon as it had started. Mr. Walker waved his hand high and proud at a boy who was standing by the bar. He ran up to us with sort of swagger in his step.

            “Miss Virginia,” Mr. Walker said. “I would like to introduce you to my son Matthew. Matthew this is Virginia; Ms. Waters daughter.” I felt knocked off my feet looking at him. Matthew had the such dreamy green eyes that had copper dusted around their edges.

            “It’s so nice to meet you,” I said feeling dizzy. He took my hand and kissed it.

            “The pleasure’s all mine, Miss Virginia.” Matthew said. He, too, had a nice sounding voice with a mouth full of pearly white teeth. I chuckled like Mama did when Mr. Walker greeted her. I then saw Mr. Walker flash a look at Matthew with his dusty, gray eyes. I wasn’t sure what it was but it did make me suspicious. Matthew then gave all his attention to me.

            “Would you care to dance?” he asked, putting out his hand to me.

            “Yes, thank you,” I took his hand, a very nice hand too, and he showed to the dance floor.

            He had a fine way of dancing; twirling me around until the room changed color and holding upright making me feel like I was some type of proper lady. Everything was going real nice until I heard that sweet voice become poisoned with his foul ego. Did it smell! I did not want to be within a mile of him; listening to him drag on forever about him and football, and trying to work and football, and his father yelling at him and football. In all truthfulness I actually thought football was an interesting sport but hearing about it without rest is tiresome. He had no cares about anyone but himself and what he wanted.

            “Then I played this game with my father,” Matthew was starting up more football talk. “It was when I was twelve and I had finally won out against him. An excellent game. Did I already tell you that I don’t recall?”

            “Yes, you did,” I said. I looked over to the doors where Mama and I came in. They were opened up to the night sky and it was a lovely sight to see. So many stars sat up into the sky pouring out light onto the Earth.

            “Did you want go outside and watch the stars out there?” I asked. Perhaps I could find the sensitive, romantic side of him.

            “I would prefer not too,” he said. “It is very cold and likely to rain. It is funny though that you should mention stars because just the other night I was playing another football game…” The evening went on like that, and I barely spoke. We stopped dancing after awhile and sat and continued his conversation. I noticed people were starting to leave; perhaps Mama would find me soon and we could both leave.


            “Yes?” I asked, surprised that he stopped talking about himself.

            “May we go outside? I would like to take your offer that you mentioned earlier.” I smiled at this. Some open, fresh air could do us both some good.

            “Of course,” I said. We walked out together into the night; it was cold yes but awakened me from the inside out.

            “Virginia I wanted to bring you out here alone for a reason,” Matthew said, with a shake to his voice.

            “For what reason?” I asked. He pulled his fingers through his thick, gold hair.

            “A question that I must ask you here and now,” Matthew took my hand.

            “Go on then,” I said. Matthew dropped down on one knee and pulled a gold circle out of his pocket that had a sparkly jewel on top of it.

            “Virginia Waters,” he said. “will you marry me?”


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  1. Intriquing! (Thought I saw that coming, the popping of the question, I mean, what plan Mama had up her sleeve) Can hardly wait to know Virginia’s response…

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